Your bedroom should be a relaxing haven that wraps you in comfort at the end of each day: a serene sanctuary where you get that good night’s sleep which is so essential to your well being. So if you don’t feel a sense of calm wash over you when you enter this important room, perhaps it is in need of a loving transformation. Here are some tips that are easy to implement and won’t break the budget.

1) De-clutter!

Remove anything that does not belong in a bedroom and either find the right place for it, or toss it out. A lot of things lying around is just a constant reminder of what you still need to do and this stress is an emotional barrier to feeling calm.

Perhaps this is a good time to purge your clothing. Anything that you haven’t worn in over a year, can be donated to charity to make space in your wardrobe for the things that might have found more of a permanent home outside of it.

Keep your bedside tables clear. Find place in a drawer for books and magazines and only take them out when you need them, and if they don’t come out in 6 months- add to the toss pile! Be ruthless. After-all, all you really need in a bedroom is a bed, bedside tables, cupboards, and lights… then take it from there.

2) Remove all electronics.

Every sleep expert will tell you that electronics do not belong in the bedroom. That includes a TV, phones, tablets and laptops. The blue light that these screens emit, inhibits your sleep inducing hormone, melatonin. Also, your bedroom is not an at-home-office and should be kept as a special place for rest. If it feels too drastic to remove them, then at least switch everything off an hour before sleep time!

3) Dim the lights

Change out your light bulbs for those that give off a warm or yellow light. Choose light bulbs with a low wattage as dimmer light helps your body prepare for sleep by releasing melatonin.

If you live in a city where you have artificial light shining in through your windows, consider block-out lining for your curtains or get a sleep mask to wear through the night.

4) Change the colour

The most relaxing colours are said to be earthy tones, soft blues and greens. The bedroom is not the place for very vibrant colours as they will energise rather than calm you. Choose a soothing palette that speaks to you. If changing the paint colour is not an option, then add touches of this shade through cushions or throws.

5) Choose the right artwork

Hang artwork that is the most soothing to you in your bedroom. But remember, less is more…you don’t want it to be too busy. Pick something that makes you feel happy and place it opposite the bed, so that it is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you wake up to in the morning.

6) Invest in quality bedding.

Although nights in white satin might sound glamorous, satin is polyester and synthetic fibers are not good for your skin. Natural fibers are best as they allow your skin to breathe and help to regulate your temperature. (This applies to your pyjamas too!) If you can, change to pure cotton or even better, silk bedding. Or maybe just consider changing to silk pillowcases first. Silk is anti-ageing, so you’ll get some real beauty sleep.

plants in bedroom

6) Add plants

I love indoor plants! They look beautiful, bring the calming effect of nature indoors, and improve the air quality! Don’t be put off if you don’t have a green thumb, these plants need little care…
– Aloe Vera gives off oxygen at night, will grow in the dark and can basically be ignored and still grow!
– The Snake plant is also easy to care for, will fill the room with oxygen and remove pollutants.
– The Peace lily adds moisture to the air which will help with dry, itchy throats.
– The Golden pothos is top of the air purifying plants as it removes 70{caca14630237d74bf40a328588ce056b50d881b89cedb21a10d1161df97b87b5} of pollutants in a day. Great if you live in a city.

7) Add a calming scent

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and well being. Introduce them into your bedroom via scented candles, room and linen sprays or diffusers. The heavenly aroma that surrounds you will reduce stress, enhance your mood, and induce slumber. Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Geranium and Frankincense are popular ones that reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

You may be surprised how these simple changes to your environment can impact the quality of your sleep. Your surroundings have a huge effect on your well being and a small difference can make that shift. Its not just a bedroom, now its your sleep sanctuary!